Recently I had a few ladies for a private cooking class and we used curry in a dish, a fruit dish actually.  Comments were made regarding curry which made me realize we are all confused with curry. Curry is a combination of spices and herbs......

  • Dungeness crab

    Yum! Tine t get ready for my favorite seafood.  The flesh is super sweet and tender.  Living in Half Moon Bay and having a working harbor that depends on the dungeness crab season has its perks!  Come late October you start seeing the crab pots......

  • European Travels

      Wow, sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight of a lifetime.  Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany and ending a Le Cordon Blue Paris.  I am so excited yet nervous at the same time.  We will be traveling via a riverboat, a floating on a......

  • Fall

    The leaves are falling ever so gently to the dying grass below.  The pumpkins are starting to melt and smell funny,   The heaters are starting to kick on earlier in the morning.  I love Fall!  I love warming foods.  Simmering foods.  But there are......

  • Ingredient Driven

    Am I the only one that looks through spice racks or produce stands and finds that really odd ingredient, herb or spice and then searches out a way to use it?  It is almost like a sport to me!  I have created some really wonderful,......

  • Jr Chefs

    So you think you want to teach children to cook?  Armed with years of reading any and every cookbook I could grab onto, spending forever reading through online recipes and cooking sites, wearing out my remote flipping through TV cooking channels, not to mention attending......


    I love this time of year!  Is it the beautiful colors, the smell of fireplaces in the air, the crispness out?  For me its the squash!  There is not a lot of Farmers market action.  There is not really a whole lot in season.  Apples,......


What age group is appropriate for the birthday parties?

We offer birthday party classes for ages 5 to 105! Age-appropriate menus and tools apply. Most parties are for groups of 4 to 12 people.


How far in advance do I need to book?

Depending on the party size and the time needed for us to prepare, we can usually accommodate with a 24-hour notice.


What days are the after-school classes held?

Different school groups are offered at different days and hours. They are all designed to start shortly after the end of the school day for the age group cooking.


Can you do bridal showers?

Yes! We can do bridal showers, baby showers, a special girls’ night, or any other kind of private party!


What if I have to cancel?

Because everything is purchased fresh and as-needed for the class, we need at least 24 hours advance notice to cancel. Unfortunately there are no exceptions. Thank you!




We would love to hear from you!