European Travels


Wow, sitting in the airport waiting to board a flight of a lifetime.  Amsterdam, Belgium, Germany and ending a Le Cordon Blue Paris.  I am so excited yet nervous at the same time.  We will be traveling via a riverboat, a floating on a buffet line.   Stop overs in so many exciting places, tasting so many delights, but first to make it through airline food.  Sit back relax and dream of sauces and mustards and salts.

In researching the foods and flavors of the Netherlands, all I really find is sausages, pickled herrings in white sauce and beer.  I think I need to open my mind a little more.   As I don’t drink, I will need to find another liquid to wash these new tastes down.  But sweets, chocolates, pastries, I may find a new love.

Not to mention I will be on the quest to obtain a new chef knife.  Yes, a German steel chef knife.  Wustoff is my first choice but I will keep and open mind and an open palm.  The weight, the balance the feel.  Now I am excited.

Curiously, my hubby does not get it!  Antwerp, he states, is the diamond capital of the world!  And you want a knife??  I guess he will never get it.  A great knife, a tool to make your passion come together with such ease.  An extension of your arm, of your thoughts.  I am so ready to test drive.

So a few minutes to board, a few minutes to just breathe and enjoy the moment, a few minutes to set the dreams into reality.  I am ready.