Leave your desks and computers behind and roll up your sleeves in our kitchen.


Whether it is rolling out pasta or throwing pizza dough, teams enjoy learning about each other and their roles in a comfortable setting.  All classes are welcomed with an appetizer to get things going along with sodas, waters and juices and a welcoming glass of wine.  Aprons and towels are provided and the only thing we ask is closed-toed shoes please and long hair tied back.


Here are a few of the team-building programs we offer:

Pasta class



Three different sauces

Veggies and of course, Tiramisu


Members of the team make the dough and prepare it to be rollled out and cut to desired shapes.    Sauces simmer and fill the room with heavenly aromas.  Salads and veggies add crunch and the super smooth tiramisu will chill.

The completed meal will be laid out buffet style and dessert will be served after you are able to push your dinner plate aside.

Pizza workshop

Caesar salad  

Pizza dough

Pizza sauce


And sweet pizza dessert


Add the yeast and knead away.  build the sauce slowly and prepare the toppings, its pizza time.  Everyone creates their own masterpieces.  Share or enjoy your own. 

Tapas and Paella

No need to bring castanets to have a little spanish fun! learn to make a wide variety of appetizers in spanish cuisine. Then we’ll cook paella, a traditional dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, and other delicious ingredients. We’ll even make sangria!

Complete Dinners

From start to finish nothing tastes better than sitting down to a dinner made completely by your team.  Lets brainstrom and nice meal that all can enjoy.  Vegeterians, vegans, gluten sensetive we can work with you to accomadate many dietary needs.




Protiens  -(Steak, Chicken, Fish)